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I Thought Galaxy s3 Had Quad Core?

I Thought Galaxy s3 Had Quad Core?

Correct me if im wronge wasnt the Galaxy s3 to have Quad Core?

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Re: I Thought Galaxy s3 Had Quad Core?

The current international versions have the quad-core processor.  The quad-core processor doesn't play well with US LTE networks, so we will get the dual-core processor here.  The upcoming South Korean version will have a quad-core processor and LTE radios, but I think (but could be wrong) that their LTE networks are different from ours.

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Re: I Thought Galaxy s3 Had Quad Core?

International Exynos based S3 has quad A9's and the Mali GPU.

American Qualcomm based S3 has dual Krait A15's and Adreno 225 GPU.


some think the daul core is better than the quad, also some say the adreno 225 is old and slower than the mali.  the Gpu might be a bigger difference than the cores



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Re: I Thought Galaxy s3 Had Quad Core?

Pointless anyways since no apps actually utilize quad core so its overkill for no reason
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