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Hurricane Support


Hurricane Support

I have very poor service since the hurricane in my town.  How do you report that you are having tower problems?
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Re: Hurricane Support

customer service 800-331-0500  (after hours support 1-866-801-3600)
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Re: Hurricane Support

How do those of us call and say that Tmobile had FULL service in my area, and going on 3 days after the hurricane, ATT still has ZERO anywhere.

Including on my cell phone that i would have to use to call them!

I thought Tmobile was the joke of all cell phone services until this junk.

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Re: Hurricane Support

My company is based on Houston and reports that cell phone coverage for all carriers is potty at best.  Here in DC ATT will roam on the T mobile network when ATT  is not available.  Not sure why that is not working for you in Houston.
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