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HuaWei U8120/Vodafone 845 $138.99 worth??


HuaWei U8120/Vodafone 845 $138.99 worth??


I just saw a promotion of the HuaWei U8120 with Android 2.1 and Wifi for U.S. $138.99.

I was thinking about getting the Nokia C3, but I think this HuaWei U8120 is a very good price ...

You know this machine ? You know the HuaWei? Is it reliable? Is it worth it? Thanks for advance!



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Re: HuaWei U8120/Vodafone 845 $138.99 worth??

It'll be 2G only on AT&T. It lacks the 3G bands to work on AT&T's HSPA network.

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