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How to report spam from short codes?

How to report spam from short codes?

Like a lot of other people, we've started getting spams from various "short codes". I am aware that supposedly they're legally required to stop if we reply stop, but I've been dealing with spammers for fifteen years now, and in all that time, I've never seen an opt-out mechanism that wasn't a scam, so I am distrustful. Obviously, we're going to add purchase blocks to our accounts. We would have already but AT&T doesn't have customer service today. I guess the question is: Is there any possible way to make anyone care that one of these companies is obviously fraudulently inventing charges? (And to the guy who keeps saying that these companies always have "proof": Yeah, I've been seeing "proof" of signups from spammers for about fifteen years now. They make it up. If you believe the sign-up records of spammers, that is gullibility pure and simple.)
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Re: How to report spam from short codes?

Forward your message to short code 7726 (spam)

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Re: How to report spam from short codes?

Forwarding "short code" spam to AT&T doesn't do anything. You get an auto-reply advising you to reply "STOP" to the spam. AT&T takes reports on spam from 10 digit numbers, but not short codes. I usually delete short code spam. It's rare, and no response is usually the best response.

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