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How much will adding another line cost me?


How much will adding another line cost me?

My brother wants to get a phone so I told him I could add a line to my plan. I was wondering how much this will cost me. Right now I just have the Nation 450 rollover plan.
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Re: How much will adding another line cost me?

That will depend on the FamilyTalk plan you choose.  Not sure how many minutes you will want to share.  You will need to pick a new plan when you convert to a FamilyTalk plan.


If you had any rollover minutes you will loose anything that is in excess of your new plans minutes. 


There will be an activation fee on the line unless you can get them to waive it.


If he gets an iPhone/Smartphone/Blackberry device it will be required to have the $30 month unlimited data plan.


If he gets a Quick Messaging Device it will require at least a $20 month messaging or data plan.


If you both are going to use messaging you can get the Unlimited Messaging for Families data plan for $30 month and that covers all the phones on the plan for unlimited messaging (SMS/MMS/IM).

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