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How many characters in an international text msg


How many characters in an international text msg

Does anyone know how many characters are allowed in one international text message??


I know 160 are allowed for domestic texts but I heard only 80 for international.  However, I can not find that information anywhere.  I sent a text message to Canada that consisted of 240 characters/spaces.  I was charged for 3 messages instead of 2.  Anyone else come across this?

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Re: How many characters in an international text msg

To the best of my knowledge the character limit is the same, but it actually depends on encoding in use (and the last time I checked, AT&T was failing miserably on UTF-encoded messages). Also, when a text message exceeds the size limit for one message, each subsequent part has a lower limit than a single message due to special "glue" inserted into messages that allows the recipient to reconstruct it into a single message. IIRC for Latin-1 encoding it's something like 160 for a single message or 140 per part. The character limit is much lower for UTF-8 messages, with something around 70 characters for a single message. I imagine some other encodings could fall in between.

If everything in your message was in English, then it should've been using Latin-1 and anything up to 300 characters should've been processed as two messages, but not knowing the exact encoding it's hard to tell what happened.
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