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How do i save attachments sent to me?

How do i save attachments sent to me?

Samsung Galaxy S, the box it came in says Samsung Captivate.


People send me pics and voice clips and stuff but when i click the save attachment thing, it clicks through like it saved but i cant find it anywhere on my phone, i check every single floder in the file manager and everything. But the saved files are no where to be found.


So where do the files save to? Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Also my phone recieves files very slowly lately. Does att slow down your data like T Mobile?

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Re: How do i save attachments sent to me?

Ok. kinda embarrased but i just figured it out, apparently i have to make the little checkbox green for it to actually dl to the phone Smiley Very Happy


But fortunetly i have another question!


Whenever i dl an app for sound clips, they come in the .ogg format, i can play them, save them, but for some reason when i try to send one via txt/multimedia msg it says 'cannot send multimedia type not supported'


Any way around this? are there any converter apps?

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Re: How do i save attachments sent to me?


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Re: How do i save attachments sent to me?

The file is probably only previewed and not downloaded.

If the file is downloaded it is usually saved to the download folder.

Try this application for downloading files.

For sending out the oog files, try selecting the file first and then share via a mms message. Also not all phones support oog files.
Probably from mobile, maybe. Smiley Happy
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