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How do I move ringtones to new phone?


How do I move ringtones to new phone?

So I smashed my Samsung Eternity in the car door (don't ask) and replaced it with a Samsung Solstice.  How do I transfer my purchased ringtones to my new phone?  It doesn't seem as if they are on the SIM card.



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Re: How do I move ringtones to new phone?

You cannot transfer purchased ringtones. If you purchased them from ATT, they are locked to the phone. You can try calling Customer Care. I have read here on the forum that they can give you a credit for some of them...I believe it is 6 that they can do.



     we live & learn~

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Re: How do I move ringtones to new phone?

When I recently upgraded to a new phone with AT&T, I was surprised when my previously purchased ringtone and wallpaper from my old phone was automatically sent to my new phone. 
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Re: How do I move ringtones to new phone?

Depending on your account's standing and how recently before changing phones the tones were purchased, occasionally AT&T will apply the credit or whatnot. It's sort of their way of apologizing for the inconvenience, considering you would otherwise have been screwed out of the money charged for the tone.  


If the tones and wallpapers were your own, or ones you downloaded to a memory card, when switching phones and placing the card in the new phone, they would automatically transfer, because they weren't saved to the phone itself.

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