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How do I get a prepaid plan with my ATT iphone?


How do I get a prepaid plan with my ATT iphone?

I have an iPhone 4. But am in between my old contract and starting a new one. There are a few complications to take care of before I can start a new contract and this Tracphone is HORRIBLE. I've seen people use iPhone on ATT prepaid plans, but how do you do it?

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Re: How do I get a prepaid plan with my ATT iphone?

iPhone 4's and 4S's are a little more difficult to use with a prepaid GoPhone plan compared to other previous generations such as the 3GS, which is what I use. That is due to the iPhone 4's smaller SIM card slot.

You will have to obtain a microSIM somehow or if you have a current standard-sized SIM, you will need to trim it down to scale to fit your phone's microSIM slot. There are SIM cutter kits that you can purchase on eBay that will ensure you are doing everything right without cutting the SIM too close, rendering it useless.

Once you get the SIM, activate it online at the GoPhone activation page and you should be able to use calling and messaging services. Data services do not work immediately on prepaid iPhones...that is a whole nother process.

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