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How do I back up Android?


How do I back up Android?



I have some confusion about backing up Android in regards to a clean froyo install for Captivate:


1.) I've read instructions to back up the SD card before upgrade. Does that mean the upgrade will wipe out my removable SD card?




2.) Is my removable SD card separate from my Captivate, in that Captivate Android OS cannot touch my removable SD card, and therefore, I can backup my Android on that removable SD card without the worry about wiping out the memory?


Thank you,


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Re: How do I back up Android?

The only way I know how is to attach your phone as a USB Mass Storage device. That will open up a Windows Explorer window showing your phone and you can copy the data in the folders to your PC. Its a tedious process and you have to know where what (ie Pictures) are on the phone.  For contacts, the only way I know how is to export the contacts to a file and then copy the file to your PC using the above method.

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Re: How do I back up Android?

When I did my upgrade all my apps and contacts stayed on the phone.  I did not loose anything.  You could use this if you have a WiFi network at home.

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