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How can I stop pop-up box on older flip-style MPx220?


How can I stop pop-up box on older flip-style MPx220?

I have an older flip-style MPx220 cell Smart Phone. I just bought a used one on eBay to use since I really like this model since it has Bluetooth and it is easy to sync with my Outlook using Bluetooth. I don't use my phone too much and I hardly ever send text messages, so I wanted to just stick with this nice, little phone. And I already had 2 charger stands and a nice leather protective cover for this model and oh yeah, AT&T had Go Phoned it for me and let me keep my cell phone # which I have had for 15+ years and is displayed on the For Sale and Open House signs that I was using at my own real estate business and I had given to lots of people.


Anyway ... my question! I have been setting up this new, used phone so I can use it. There seems to be some Reminder box that keeps popping up too often and stealing the screen. This happens sometimes while I am in the middle of entering text into something. Suddenly, the popped up  Reminder box is there. Luckily, I have figured out that if I just navigate back to the spot that I had been in, the text is usually still there waiting to be finished entering.


But what a hassle! Does anyone know if there is a setting somewhere that will stop this from happening to me? I don't remember it happening to me on my other copies of this phone. Maybe it did and I just don't remember it happening and now with texting it has become more of an issue. I don't know ... HELP!

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