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How can I get an Unlock code for my phone?


How can I get an Unlock code for my phone?

I just bought a Laptop at the Microsoft Store in Bellevue.


There I got the deal, buy a laptop and get a phone for free. Geat! So I selected the HTC Surround and was all happy until I got home.

At home I put in my Vodaphone SIM and now I get the message that it is carrier locked to AT&T


I live in the Netherlands and don't have AT&T there as a carrier. I also did not get any notice that the device was locked and I asked at the store where they told me I could put in any sim card I would like. They knew I was not a US citizen.


Is there a way I can get an sim unlock code to use this phone?


Thanks allot in advance,


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Re: How can I get an Unlock code for my phone?

AT&T only provides unlock codes to customers that meet certain requirements.

Since you're not a customer, they will not provide the unlock code.


You can try searching online, possibly ebay.

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Re: How can I get an Unlock code for my phone?

Try checking 3rd party services or tech.
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Re: How can I get an Unlock code for my phone?

Is there any credible source to go to for this. All I see for 3th party unlock is scams that get your money and no code :-(


Is there a way for me to contact At&T internationally? The number on the site is unreachable from outside the US it appears or the 0800 numberscan not be dialed from outside the US


There seems no reason for AT&T to provide a code since there is no way for me to become a customer?!? But on the other hand why keep a device locked to the carrier while there is no way to get a plan for it in our country?


I am willing to pay for the code to AT&T since that seems more credible then any other party out in the wild.


Thanks a lot



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Re: How can I get an Unlock code for my phone?

AT&T will not give you the code if you are not a customer.  I do not think they will make any exceptions.  I have even read from some users on here that they will try to avoid giving it to customers.


You can go on eBay and get SIM unlock codes for less around $20 US.  I haven't done it myself.  But I've seen others that have posted on various forums that it works well.  Just pick a seller with a good rating.   Many of the sellers for unlock codes have close to 100% rating.  If it were a scam, they would get a bad rating.

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