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How am I using more data than what my phone claims I'm using?


How am I using more data than what my phone claims I'm using?

Dear AT&T Community (and AT&T itself if they are reading this)


I'm not angry nor am I threatening to leave; I'm happy with my service.  I'm still well within my 2GB/month plan and I'm not in danger of going over nor do I even come close.  (My average per month seems to hover around 300-600MB per month).


However, I've been doing some testing and I keep seeing similar patterns each month and I'm just curious how/why this is happening. 


Every month I've been resetting the "cellular usage" and "data usage" meters on my iPhone4S around 11:45PM the night before the first day of my new billing cycle.  I have been doing this to ensure that the iPhone's data meter is accurate and to have a "second opinion" about my actual data usage.  So after doing this, I will power the phone completely off to make sure there isn't a chance that some rogue data process ends up using any data while I sleep.  Similary, while at home, my phone is supposed to be connected to WiFi.


This morning, when I woke up and drove to the office, I streamed around 17MB worth of my music within my 20 minute commute.  That was all.  Looking at my data meter on my iPhone, I see that and a a couple more megabytes (not sure what it is from, but I'll assume it was some location service/push notification that might have come in during my drive).  


But when I open myAT&T this morning, it says I've used almost 30MB of data??  Where is this is extra data coming from that the phone isn't accounting for? This seems to happen almost every day and the last three months I've had almost 50-80MB worth of data that the phone has no record of. 


Any ideas ?




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Re: How am I using more data than what my phone claims I'm using?

They round UP to the next MB when they bill the session.  Just like a 1  minute, 5 second conversation is billed as 2 minutes.    ( If i remember right ! )

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