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How I stopped ozmail messages


How I stopped ozmail messages

Hi, I've done quite a bit of searching on how to stop ozmail.  Here's what I've found:


* sending a text to 4884 with the word "stop" did not work for me - I got a text back that I would stop receiving masters golf info.

* waiting 14 days did not work for me - still getting the messages

* I did not have access to my old phone to delete the account from that phone (I gave it to a recycling company after I got my new blackberry 9000)

* going to the AT&T store did not work for me, they did try putting a new sim card in my phone (to no avail) 


I DID contact AT&T twelve times - until recently with no luck - they tried to use their "CCC" tool (I’m not sure what that is…but it must be something they use to manage cell phones) to turn off the messages, but several customer service reps said that the option to disable the message is not available to them.



1.  Call ozmail directly at Tel: +1.514.390.1333 (number taken from their website - and ask them to stop sending messages – they will likely tell you that they cannot speak to end users (you and me) but only to the service provider

2.  Get in touch with blackberry support from AT&T (1-800-331-0500) direct them to this message from their own forum - I'm not sure if this helps, but it does verify that you're not crazy...and lots of people are having this issue.

3. Ask AT&T to call oz at the same number above.

4. Ask to be sent "up the chain" - I spent the last hour explaining the same problem three times (level one support (when you first call), level two support (where level 1 sends you), and finally "data tech support".  They seem to understand this problem.  This support person CALLED (the number above) to oz (while I was on hold) and had them disable the alerts. 


As of right now, I've had a phone call from AT&T as well as an e-mail saying the problem is fixed.  I've not received an "ozmail" message for about two hours (a record for it's either fixed...or getting much better!).  I’m not sure there is an easy fix for this issue, although as it seems quite common, AT&T should be getting better at fixing the issue. 



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Re: How I stopped ozmail messages

This issue is caused by having the mobile email client installed on a previous device and then switching to a newer device without removing the attached email address from the old device.  the messages will cease after 7-10 business days or take your sim out of your new device, and place it back in the old one and remove the email and then place it back in your new device.


Also may be cause by leaving the OZ Mobile IM Client (AIM, YAHOO, & Live messenger) signed in on your old device without properly signing out and then changing to a new device.  This issue can be resolved by signing into AIM or the other messages from a desktop/laptop computer and then signing back out.  By logging into the client from the PC, will boot off the remote location that is still signed in on the old device.

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