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Hotspot Feature Whos using ?


Hotspot Feature Whos using ?

Plenty of post out there about having to pay extra for a feature (Hotspot) which I am cool with if I so choose. I am on the unlimited plan as well, and hate to loose it, however I really like the idea of being able to use mutiple devices through my phone.... So with that being said I am very willing to pay for the service. I just want to know if anyone is using it, and how they like it? Is the quality ok,acceptable, etc... does the connection get dropped?


Just wondering before I pull the trigger.



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Re: Hotspot Feature Whos using ?

Speaking for myself, no way I'd downgrade my data allowance, only to pay more. Later for that.
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Re: Hotspot Feature Whos using ?

I would not downgrade too. I just don't like the idea of a slower connection when I have almost every where I go access to a much higher speed from regular Internet connection. I'd I am on the road then devices need to stay on the side period.
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Re: Hotspot Feature Whos using ?

Is it a slower connection? For example I am able to download at 2Mbps (speed test from phone), so would my other connections be capable of the same speeds, or is it throttled down? The unlimited is nice, however I hardly use over 1 - 1.5g per month anyways, I'm not saying everyone else doesn't, that's just my personal use, so for me to be able to use other devices while traveling about would be of benefit to me. I'm not always in areas of free WI-FI...

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