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Horrible Visual Voice Mail Problem with HTC VIVID Phones


Horrible Visual Voice Mail Problem with HTC VIVID Phones

Visual Voice Mail Problem with HTC VIVID Phones are just unbelievable.

I have had Voicemail problems for over a week and NOW I have no Voice Mail service at all.

That was the Tech Solution is just to cancel all my Voicemail services while the Tech department try to figure out the problem.

The Tech department told me that it may take up to a week or longer to fix the problem.

The Tech department told me the best way for me to find out when my problem is fixed is for me to try and access vocemail every day until it works.

Additionally, I asked can i get credit on my account for not having any voicemail and the answer was let us try and fix it first before we give you any credit. So now I will have NO voicemail at all for over a week and I get no service credit.

Is it any wonder why AT&T has the lowest customer support ratings of any phone carrier?


My voicemail problem started when I took the phone back to the AT&T store and asked about a Pin number that I did not set for a service on the phone. When the sales person could not figure it out, he said we should re-set the phone to factory settings. As soon as he re-set the phone... The voicemail quit working properly.


I went to AT&T call center support, who sent me to HTC "Because these phones are so new that no one is sure how they work"  The HTC guy said to try and reset the factory default. I told him that is what started the problem in the first place, so the HTC guy said get a new phone.  Which is what I did, but the phone still did not set up properly. AT&T has turned on & off different data plans, and has had me reset my voicemail pin numbers FIVE different times (when my voicemail was partially working).  I have spoken on the phone to 17 different people (including AT&T store & customer support) over the past week about this problem and every single person who I talk to or get switched to sounds like they are reading from a script..."I understand you're having a problem?"


So I have to start all over explaining the issue and going over all the steps and procedures to get my phone working again & again.  I asked does anyone write this information down at all?  But all I got was, there is nothing in the comments section. I got a call back from Tech support telling me that "We have sent in a work order and they hoped to have the problem fixed within a few hours" After that phone call my voicemail was cut off completely.


I called back today to find out what the problem was and the very last person I talked to, said " Have you tried to set up your voice mail with your pin number?"


That's when I figured I would vent on the AT&T forums, so that it will get picked up by web bots for all the other people who are having similar problems.


I am sure I will get some swarmy AT&T response answer to my problems... Along with no fix and no service discount.


Happy  Holidays




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Re: Horrible Visual Voice Mail Problem with HTC VIVID Phones

I guess my husband and I are HTC Vivid victims too lol. I can't even get the visual voicemail app to connect to my voicemail. I get an error screen that says I have no signal or my voicemail pin is wrong. Beginning my phone battle with AT&T support next and from what it sounds like, its gonna be fun. Smiley Sad

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