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Home sharing not working


Home sharing not working

Is anyone having issues with their home sharing with the new iOS? I can't get mine to work. 

I downloaded iTunes 10.2. I went to preferences, then "sharing" and made sure there was a check mark in "share my library on my local network" I don't have a check in the password box. I went to my iPhone and went to settings, then iPod, then Home Sharing. I typed in my apple id and my iTunes password and it gives me a message, unable to turn on Home sharing.  I did it again and nothing happens. when I go back to iTunes it says "status on, no users connected".  From what I saw on the Apple forum, if the Home Sharing is working when you go to your iPod App it, and then choose "more" it will ask you to choose between your phone and your library name. You can only use one a a time. 

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Re: Home sharing not working

Same issue and basically same devices inplay. I have been in reboot mode for months. I am resolved that this is as good as it gets and to start looking for new service as must be limitation or bug in the 2wire router. Clearly enough postings on various forums that they are aware of it .. they just do not care or can not fix it.

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