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Home email address


Home email address

is there a way to download my home email address book into the HTC ARIA and then access the address book

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Re: Home email address

There is a way using sync software called HTC sync (you can find it HERE), however, I would HIGHLY recomend syncing to a google email address if you are going to use an Android device, which has it's own native sync.

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Re: Home email address

Google is under criminal investigation on at least 3 continents for harvesting data including data off home Wi-Fi systems which could not have been done accidentally as it requires special equipment for both accessing and then recording.  Are you really going to trust them with your contacts and calendar information? 


Edit:  By "them with your contacts" I am referring data intentionally sent to google's information systems.

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Re: Home email address

     Yes, yes I am.  I trust them because whatever data they collected, I don't believe it was done for malicious purposes and since I have nothing to hide, who cares.  I trust them because they have proven themselves to be a company that is interested in the user, not the content like, apple.


     I also know that it DOES NOT take special equipment to do what Google did.  Unless you have your wireless router filtered based on MAC address then anyone can access your information whether it was WAP or WEP encrypted.  MAC Filtering is the way to go and it can be done any router gateway (provided you have access to that gateway).  Cloud services like what Google offers are becoming more and more of a powerful tool for business' and individuals.


     I notice your using a tilt.  do you back up your contacts to Microsoft MyPhone?  If you're going to talk about keeping your information safe, then I can only assume you only use your tilt as a flashlight...  otherwise any other content and information you have on that phone can be copied and manipulated probably faster than if I was trying to get someone's Google information.

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