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Hey guys a question from a new GoPhone user (android Avail)


Hey guys a question from a new GoPhone user (android Avail)

I'm a week into having an AVAIL - and I'm beginning to wonder should I swap it for a fusion.


Here are my issues - SLOW GPS lock. The main reason I wanted a smartphone was for the GPS (sports tracking - running, etc).


Also, the AVAIL has little internal memory left - and it makes what apps I can install very fussy - as only some allow to move to the SD card.


Other than that, I really like the phone.


I'm also starting to wonder if the FUSION would have a better chance of lasting longer with a capacitive button vs. the physical buttons on the AVAIL.


How is the FUSION's camera - I know it is 3 megapixels instead of 5 - thats not so important to me as long as the pics are as clear as the AVAIL's.



Finally - if I get a FUSION - can I stick the AVAIL's sim card in it and my number transfer over? Or do I have to get ATT involved?



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