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Help with my account

Help with my account

I just joined ATT. My fiance and I both got our phones yesterday night. Before I switched to ATT and wanted to make sure my mother and sister (who are in a family plan) could transfer to my account so they could receive my discounts and such. I was told I could do this online as well.


I log into my account and see i have two groups (I don't even know what a group is) but one group is ME and the other group is My Fiance...I have no idea why my fiance and I are not in the same group...does this mean we are going to be sepreatly billed? That doesnt make any sense since i did set-up a family plan. UGH!


Also i couldnt find ANYWHERE in my account on how to transfer my mother's account to mine. Can some one tell me the steps for this? Thanks!

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Re: Help with my account

occasionally when lines are created as family plan something goes wrong and the account is created with two separate lines instead.  just call customer service or create an online acct and send an email and it can be fixed along with your bill.  you dont have to wait til your bill comes out just do it asap and we'll take care of it. 


as for the transfer of service, i suggest doing it via the website as you will save the $18.00 transfer of service fee if you do it on the web.  here is the link.

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