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Help with infuse problems


Help with infuse problems

hey, i have a samsung infuse and i absolutely hate it. i have never had a worse phone before. i have only had this phone for a month. My phone constantly freezes and crashes. i have apps that crash all the time and something comes up and says it has to be force closed. The browser/internet hardly works and crashes when i try to use it. Another thing that is really irritating is that i have to constantly put my phone in airplane mode and turn it off in order for the internet to work...what should i do about all of this? Thank you 

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Re: Help with infuse problems

What apps crash your device? Did they come with the phone, or was it/they something you downloaded? You might try rebooting the phone to the "stock mode" and see if that stops some of the problem(s). If so, then one or more of your apps might be the cause.

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Re: Help with infuse problems

i think I had the same problem ... with some google framewaork crashing and it needed rebooting quite frequently in a day or two. But now it looks fine. Mine hasn't crashed since 10-15 days.

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Re: Help with infuse problems

"i have only had this phone for a month."

As far as a "month" goes, how many days exactly would you say you've had the phone? Give or take 30 days or less, or more than 30 days?

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