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Help with Razr v3xx - Blind phone to SIM


Help with Razr v3xx - Blind phone to SIM

I have the same issue a few people have and would like someone with a v3xx to verify the following steps to copy my entire phone to my SIM.  My screen failed but the phone works fine.  I just need the very specific steps.  What am I missing below:


Press Right soft key - "Menu" (or circle)
Press arrow down once - "Address book"
Press Left soft - "Select" (or circle)
Should be on first entry
Press the Left soft key - "Options"
Press down 10 times - "Select Multiple To"
Press the Left soft key - "select"
Press down 3 times - "Copy Phone to SIM"
Press the left soft key - "Select"
Press the left soft key again - "Select All " (will be the first option)
Press left soft key - "Select"
Press the Right Soft Key - "Done"
Press the left soft
key - "Confirm"

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Re: Help with Razr v3xx - Blind phone to SIM

If you haven't already taken a look at it, you may want to compare your notes to this pictorial tutorial from at&t's website re: copying contact information from/to the SIM card.


Copy Contacts From/To SIM - V3xx


Since it is pictorial, it may help.  I don't have a V3xx, but all at&t branded devices that I have open to the "Media Mall" icon when the main menu is accessed - and that appears to be a reasonable assumption here as well since the "Media Mall" icon is smack dab in the middle of the screen (i.e. promotes a carrier "money grab" opportunity).  Other than that, it seems the text based menus would open to the top entry in the menu and then it's just a matter of counting the number of times to scroll down - assuming you do have an at&t branded V3xx.


I'd compare this to your notes first though to see if it seems to be basically the same flow as you think it should be.

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