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Help with Auto Disconnecting


Help with Auto Disconnecting

Ok, when im only downloading some BIG file, my laptop card disconnects and I have to re-connect. The file I tried to download was 550MB. It was a CPU game that is only available at Its not published anywhere else. I have 6.6.10 AT&T Communication Manager. It wont disconnect if im not downloading a huge file(300MB+). I have USBConnect 881 and Windows Vista. When it was downloading it, it got to 250MB/550MB. I have Edge Network so my speeds are 200KBS download and 56KPS upload. I have 5 bars everytime. I would really like to download that game though. My friend has an internet connection that is 6MBS download, but I wont be able to see him in 8 months. Everyone else has EDGE or dialup. So, how do I cure this problem?

P.S. I had my laptop card for 2 months and under $59.99 per month contract.

Thanks, so much! Have a great day! Smiley Happy

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Re: Help with Auto Disconnecting

Try using the Opera browser. It lets you resume stalled downloads.
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Re: Help with Auto Disconnecting

Well I want to keep FireFox brouser.

Anything else?
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Re: Help with Auto Disconnecting

is the server youre downloading from timing out or it just disconnects?  I have had the same problem in the past using CM now I use dialup in windows and dont seem to have that problem anymore. downloaded full cd iso the other night took 10 hours on edge. I switched to dialup in windows originaly because ICS works a little better that way.
 875 air card in Vista ultimate SP1
 PS you can use Opra and use firefox at same time
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Re: Help with Auto Disconnecting

I use a dowload manager so I can resume when my connection drops ther are several that work with fire fox I have  used Idm and get right they both cost but you can get a trial version to use for a month mydownloader is free but I haven't tested it yet.  But I do like getright better than idm.
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