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Help w/new website??


Help w/new website??

I've logged in for a long time on the site to pay my ATT bills, wireless, UVerse and homephone, with no problems -- until last week.  It only says "wireless" and when I click on the drop down (like I'm used to doing), it ALWAYS just comes up "wireless" and "enter wireless number."   I can go to where the headings are and click on UVerse or home phone and then go to their individual login buttons, but when the login box comes, it STILL only says "wireless" and "enter wireless number" and will not let me click on any other drop down for UVerse or home phone.  Can someone please help me?  I know the trouble is not with my computers, but on the site.  I talked w/an ATT rep (Cust Svc) and he took my payments over the phone, but I don't want to be doing that every month.  I reported the difficulty, even watched the videos on the "new ATT", but wonder what they've done to make it worse instead of better.  Help is desired, please.  

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