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Help me make a decision quick


Help me make a decision quick

I currently have iPhone 3G which is 3 years old and it is slow, laggy, and buggy. I am waiting on next iphone to be released but apparently my phone is getting worse day by day, especially after 4.x updates. When I get next iphone that gets released I also plan on getting white iphone 4 for my mother since she adores that design and color. We both have upgrade eligibility. Since I have unlimited data, I plan on getting iphone 4 from target for $85 (149.99(sale)-65.00(iphone recycle program)) until the new one is released and buy the new iphone under my mother's account and swap the phone with her. The deal also lasts until saturday 8/6 so I'm in tight situration right now.  What would you do in this case? Personally I dont want to give my mother a used phone even if it is used only for a month but I need a new phone so badly to the point that I have hard time making phone calls and I dont want to lose my unlimited data plan by using different smart phone as a temporary.

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Re: Help me make a decision quick

My wife has my 3G and hers starts to lag every so often.  


Try these things:


1. sync more frequently - I notice that the "other" data catagory shrinks

2. Reboot your iPhone - Hold the home button and on/off key for 8 to 10 seconds.

3. restore the iOS software and restore your backup.


These have helped for me.


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Re: Help me make a decision quick

xcleex wrote:

I dont want to lose my unlimited data plan by using different smart phone as a temporary.

That is not a concern.  Switching to a different smart phone will not cause you to lose your unlimited data plan.  The only way to lose the unlimited data plan is to switch to another smart phone data plan.


You can at any time switch to another smartphone and have AT&T switch you to the appropriate unlimited plan for that device.  Publicly there is one unlimited data plan for those that are grandfathered.  On AT&T's back end though there are different plans for Android, BB, WinMo, and iPhone.  Changing between those will not remove the unlimited grandfather status but you need to be very firm and direct with the CS rep that you do not want to lose the unlimited plan.


You also mentioned upgrading at Target, I would be very careful with that... you may not be able to keep your unlimited plan if you upgrade through Target.  Some resellers require you to pick a new, current data plan in order to get the deals they offer.

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Re: Help me make a decision quick

You didn't say what kind of phone you mom is using now or what shape it is in but presuming there is nothing wrong with it, how about you use your upgrade and get the white iphone now and you use it. When the new iphone comes out, use your mom's upgrade to get it, then just switch phones.


Edit: Just realized you don't want to give your mom a used phone, even if it's an iphone4 used for a month. Personally, I'd have no problem doing that, provided the person I'd be switching with didn't mind. Anyway, as Satchev suggests, if you have another smart phone you can use temporarily, you will not have to give up unlimited data.



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