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Help cannot use priority cabling -when I do, I lose Iphone service and Internet service


Help cannot use priority cabling -when I do, I lose Iphone service and Internet service


I have Motorola SB - Netgear N300 Wireless Router - ATT 3G Microcell - ATT Iphone 4s with latest software update 


I am having this problem. I am unable to use the priority cabling ATT wants me to use, it will not give me an IP address. 

My first  2 Microcells died after 2 months use/ I am on my   third one  which like the others only connects using an alternate cabling method ( given to me by ATT) , however, the cabling effects my download speed.  


Without the Microcell I get download 18-20 Mbps upload 5.4 Mbps- Ping 79- I am paying for third tier which is 15-25

Microcell on cabled alternative way, I get Ping 98-150 Download 4.19Mbps Upload 3.66


This started with my first 3gMicro and has continued even after I replaced my Microcell.


I have spoken with ATT support over  30 times, Cox support, the same. Every time I set up using the cabling ATT suggests my IP address disappears and I cannot connect to the Internet or use my Iphone


I was told by ATT the problem was my router, so, I went out and bought a new router. This did not help. I spend 60 dollars getting a new router. ( It was not a problem with my Cisco Valet, I gave that to my daughter and it is working fine for her!) 


I called again, after talking to 6 representatives, ( one offered to send me another Microcell) the rep asked me what type of modem I am using. I said  I am using a Motorola Surfboard. He said, that's your problem, that Modem will not pick up an IP address from Microcell. He said I need to buy a new modem. Really... I have been having problems since September, no one ever  asked me what modem I was using or told me the modem is the problem. 

I am disgusted. 

I am a senior on a fixed income and going in for surgery in a week. I need my phone to work and my internet to work. 

I watch  movies using Netflix and Hulu and they are constantly buffering because I am not getting the Internet service I am paying for because of the Microcell. I cannot afford to just go and buy another modem after I just bought a new router replacing a Cisco one that worked just fine! And, I asked the rep which modem works with the Microcell, he told me NOT the surfboard, however, I am not allowed to suggest a modem brand.  I then called back and got another rep who said he never heard of this and many people use the Motorola SB without a problem!!! Really... 


So, how can I get help getting this to work. There is another post that I think talks about this  issue but I do not understand it...

Motorola SBG6580 SURFboard Wireless Cable Modem Gateway and MicroCell settings


I would appreciate any assistance, ATT told me there is no way to fix this other than getting a new modem that is not a Motorola SB.  That is not an option and then another rep told me that is not what I need to do, I just have to priority cable, however , it will not work! 


Right now I have it cabled modem to router , then,  Microcell to router.. it need to be modem to Microcell, however, as soon as I do that, the phone disconnects and I have no internet IP address. So, I lose phone and net. 

 Sorry I need this explained in very basic terminology however, I am a senior and am not that internet savvy.


Thank you


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