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[Help] Samsung Galaxy S2 (i777) Camera Not Working


[Help] Samsung Galaxy S2 (i777) Camera Not Working

I just recently purchased a refurbished SGS2 through AT&T. When I received it in the mail, tried it out and all was working. Tried the camera app, and it worked, changed a filter in the app to take a "cartoon" like photo, and it says "Warning camera has failed". So I thinking nothing of it, next day I try to take a picture, the camera screen just stays black! Only the camera's reticule comes up, but the rest of the screen stays black. Then it gives me that "Warning" again saying the camera failed. I can not use the camera AT ALL!


I have searched on the web and I have seen alot of other people have had this problem. Does anyone know a fix for this? I tried rebooting the phone, also brought the phone back to stock settings with the built in recovery system (Power off phone, hold down both volume rockers + power button till phone turns on)


IDK what else to do. I've only had the phone for a full 24 hrs. I don't get it, this was supposed to be one of the best Smartphones out right now and it can't handle a camera.


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Re: [Help] Samsung Galaxy S2 (i777) Camera Not Working

If the phone allows you to, try changing the picture type back to normal, and see what happens. If you are not able to change it back, I would recommend exchanging the phone to replace it with a new or another refurbished one.

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