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Help Captivate - transferring pictures and video


Help Captivate - transferring pictures and video

Captivate Galaxy S Please help I need to know how to transfer video that are saved on my phone to my computer or to the memory card.  I have been emailing the the videos of my 3 month old daughter, but some come through and some do not.  I now have my phone set up to save to the memory card, sometimes my phone does not show anything on the memory card.  I do not trust the card, I am so afraid to lose the irreplaceable pictures.  I sent them to facebook but I cannot figure out how to download and save the video.  Thanks in advance for your help, and have a great day! 

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Captivate Allshare - Help

Does anybody know how to use the allshare so i can view video on my computer from my cell phone.

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Re: Captivate Allshare - Help

First you have to download and install the PC software from the Samsung web.
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Re: Captivate Allshare - Help

Can't you just plug the phone into a PC, and copy the files using Windows Explorer ("Computer" on Windows Vista)?  You don't need any special software to do that.  At least I can do it with my Galaxy S2.

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Re: Help Captivate - transferring pictures and video

Read the topic close to this one:  "Music transfer."

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