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Haw anyone else been noticing changes in the data?

Haw anyone else been noticing changes in the data?

I'm looking for people who have been having the same issues with AT&T data billing lately that we have. My husband and I both have iPhones 4 and we have never had issues with data usages until the last 4-6 months. From what I have been reading it seems like many people have been having issues in the last 4-6 months with all sorts of data charges. The only conclusion we can make is that AT&T changed something... not sure what but something changed and they have not informed the customers about this change so now many people are experiencing overage changes on data plans.


We started to notice our change on the November 2011 bill and then after every month we were both over on 200mb of data by the first few weeks in. I never use my phone for any internet surfing and am connected to the wireless at home and at work so even if I did I wouldn't be sucking up data. My husband does surf the web on his phone but it's just menial stuff no app downloads or anything like that. There is no reasonable explanation of why we would be using up as much data as we were. None of this was an issue until we upgraded to 5.0 so we both think it happened with that upgrade.


Last month, we realized we could "turn off" the cellular data on our phones which is what we have been doing but what we found out what that was that AT&T had to have change things. Now picture messages, map systems and all the programs that we used all the time before the 5.0 upgrade we are no longer able to use without cellular data on. I used to send picture messages all the time which were always logged as SMS messages and never effected my phone (we have unlimited messaging) but they are now considered data usages and they suck up a lot!


The usage on my phone went from Sep @ 139.9mb, Oct @ 217.5 mb, Nov @ 372 mb, Dec @ 318.6 mb, Jan @ 396.1mb and Feb @ 205mb. My husband's is Sep @ 189.2mb, Oct @ 361.4 mb, Nov @ 358.8 mb, Dec @ 258.3 mb, Jan @ 245.2mb and Feb @ 188mb. We don't use icloud and never had, we don't do a backup unless it's home on the wi-fi so there is no logical explanation for what is using the data leaving us to conclude that AT&T had to have changed something with the 5.0 upgrade that we did. We upgraded our phones in October and that is when all the overage started and this month, February, is when we have been turning off the cellular data on the phones.


If I look at the data usage as it's laid out on the bill it all looks to be text messages which should fall under the unlimited messaging we have but for some reason they do not and they are now likewise, picture messages which used to be covered under our unlimited messaging are not classified as Internet/MEDia Net and those are being charged. I pulled up an old bill from before the 5.0 upgrade and it shows the "picture/video msg" section, shows there were 33 sent and they were 0.00 charge and ARE NOT included in the 200MB data. The actually detailed section of this bill also shows the picture and video messages as being "MSG4" and not as being included in part of the data usage for the phone.


Has anyone else experienced this? Do you know what they changed and how to fix it? Nothing with the update, 5.0, said they would change your processing of your phone and I just don't feel like they have explained what this data black hole is and why we have it. If they had told us they would be altering our billing and usage abilities we never would have opted for the update...



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Re: Haw anyone else been noticing changes in the data?

brainwaver wrote:

So are you "insinuating" that I am lying to the OP?? I can assure you I have had no SPIKE in my data usage since upgrading from the iPhone 4 to the 4S. And I'm sure I'm not alone. I am either on wifi or 3G so I'm not sure what you are accusing me of insinuating.


I don't have the time right now but when I do I will post my average monthly usage prior to and after using iOS5.


 UPDATE: We are on the 2GB plan. 3 month avg with iPhone 4 prior to iOS5 (138.3 mb); 3 month avg after upgrading to iPhone 4S (134.7 mb).


Second iPhone 4: 3 month avg prior to iOS5 (161.2 mb); 3 month avg with iOS5 (168.8 mb).



anton697 wrote:

brainwaver wrote:

We have an iPhone 4 and iPhone 4s on our family plan. Both of us use iMessage and both of us use iCloud. There has been absolutely NO change in our data usage since Apple released 5.0..NONE...ZERO

But even if it had changed, it still would not be an AT&T issue!


Something you are doing is using data. As has been suggested, make sure you turn iMessage off. You can also turn off all your push notifications and location services.

Well if you're using iMessage and iCloud over Wifi, then of course there probably would be no change in your data usage (at least data that is used over AT&T's network); if you used either one extensively over wireless (and your other data usage patterns don't change), then I'm wiling to bet that your data usage would change...not unless you're insinuating that you've found a way to use iMessage and/or iCloud over wireless (not Wifi) without incurring a single byte of data usage?


Chill out--no one's insinuating that you're lying; all I said was that if your connection habits haven't changed (i.e., you didn't all of a sudden decide to start using wireless more often than wifi), then odds are your data consumption won't change too much--how is that calling you out as lying to the OP?   LOL at your telling me that I'm insinuating that you're lying to the OP--I could say the same thing about you with your reply to the OP's initial comment about how he believes his data usage has changed for the worse due to some issue not directly of his own doing.  Are we supposed to believe that just because the issue hasn't happened to you, that there is no issue at all and the person reporting the issue must either be mistaken or lying?  Because I could stoop to your level and tell you that is exactly what you're insinuating with your reply to the OP...

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Re: Haw anyone else been noticing changes in the data?

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Re: Haw anyone else been noticing changes in the data?

I have had the same problem.  From April, 2011, through October, 2011, my average data usage was 34MB.  From November, 2011 through Jan, 2012, my average data usage has been 97MB.  From Feb through May it has averaged 173MB.  I went over my data plan usage in May.   I have not changed what I do on my phone, but something has changed.  I don't think that it is an ATT problem, I think it is the way the phone is functioning.  I wish someone had an answer for this. 

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