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Having trouble transferring my Centro Date Book (calendar) to MS Outook


Having trouble transferring my Centro Date Book (calendar) to MS Outook

I have read several posts about how to transfer Palm data into Outlook: Use Palm option in Programs to "Sync with Outlook" ... my computer gives me a message that Outlook is not installed on this computer (I have only had it on this computer for six months, maybe that's the problem); Make some changes to code because I have Outlook 2010; etc. None of the reply suggestions work for me. What am I not doing?


I am really trying to get my Centro data (definitely the Date Book) transferred to my Blackberry Curve. The Curve desktop software has an option to import from Outlook so I figure if I can just get the data into Outlook, I'm home free. I have a laptop that allowed me to "Sync with Outlook" from Programs but the data does not appear in the Outlook calendar. That laptop has Outlook 2007.


Oh, and I have tried to follow the instructions for hot syncing the Centro (with cable) to the laptop so that the Blackberry desktop software detects the phone thus allowing the data to be transferred that way. Unfortunately, I cannot sync via cable to my desktop or my laptop as both of them are 64 bit machines. Use of the Palm cable on a 64 bit machine has not been provided by Palm! Also, the laptop is using Windows 7 (not by choice).


So, I really hope there is somebody out there that can help me get my Centro data either, 1.) transferred to Outlook or 2.) transferred to my Blackberry.



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