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Hassle upgrading phone and plan


Hassle upgrading phone and plan

On Dec 30th, I upgraded my phone and plan. Phone arrived the very next day. On Jan 3rd, phone quit working.that evening. Refurbished HTC Freestyle. Called custumer service on getting a different  phone. But was told I could not order one until they received broken phone back first. I could either mail it back or take it to one of their authorized stores and get another different phone from their. Well, the nearest one is about 100 miles round trip from me. So I mailed it on the 4th. On Jan 7th, I called to see if they received the phone back. I was told they haven't  and that I didn't need to wait to order a differnet phone. Ok?? New phone arrived on the 9th, Pantech Crossover. But, no sim card. I wasn't told that I needed to keep the one from the first phone I ordered. Customer rep told me that she'll overnight it to arrive. Well, it finally arrived on the 11th today. And finally believing everything is right now. Not!!! The plan I ordered(unlimited text/data) does not work with the phone I ordered. Something to do with smartphone. But the rep should of saw that on my account and told me. So, I ordered anohter phone to go with my plan, Pantech Ease. I thought upgrading would be no hassle.

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Re: Hassle upgrading phone and plan

You always want to keep your sim card unless they tell you otherwise. Your sim card is your unique identification module that connects you to the network to make and receive calls. 


I will never again buy a cell phone that is tied to a contract. That's the problem, if you upgrade you cant upgrade for another 2 years. And by then the phone will probably go bad so you have to wait to buy the phone or get a cheap phone go phone to use until you can upgrade again. No sense doing that when you can get good phones cheaply such as a go phone which does not change your service contract. I don't know about you but I hate being tied to a service for 2 years at a time. It's ridiculous! I will only ever do month-to-month/prepaid from now on (when this contract is up in december.) My dad uses a gophone and spends $100 a year and uses less than that usually. I would probably use up the $100 before a years time but not by much. I only use 200 minutes a month or less, which includes "night time minutes".

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Re: Hassle upgrading phone and plan

I didn't know about the sim at that time. But we use a lot of minutes in our family. Most calls made to landlines. Which some can be well over 600 minutes in 1 day. We all hate being tied to any contract.

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