Has AT&T Changed the Data Rates Again?


Has AT&T Changed the Data Rates Again?

I got an IPad in Dec. and the 2GB data plan was $25 and now a month later it auto renewed at $25 for the next month.  I thought about canceling the account so it wouldn't auto renew next month and in the future when I need it I will create a new account and then cancel it so it does not auto renew.  When I went on line I noticed they do not offer 2GB's for new accounts anymore; now they offer 3GB's for $30.  So now the only choices we consumers have is 250MB for ~$15, 3GB for $30, or 5GB for $50. What's up?

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Re: Has AT&T Changed the Data Rates Again?

what's up is we are being played...again.


go into the Media.net forum to see how screwed up the data arrangement is.

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