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Had to cancel order - What a Mess!


Had to cancel order - What a Mess!

Tried to pre-order a phone on Saturday.  Called a representative and placed the order to ensure my data & text plans were grandfathered in since the website seemed unclear about that.  I received no confirmation emails and no webstatus change for days.  I called each day to see if anything was going on, and each rep assured me that all was well and to just be patient.  Finally last night a rep figured out what was wrong and re-entered my payment information and billing zip code, and I got the Terms and Conditions emails and I thought I was finally on my way although I wasn't happy that the phone shipment would be delayed through no fault of my own.


This morning was the final straw.  I saw on my confirmation email that they were sending the wrong color phone.  I called and they couldn't change it even though the order only went through last night and I seriously doubt that they had shipped it.  They said I would have to send the phone back to exchange it.


I almost thought I would just live with the wrong color phone, and then I decided to call back to just cancel the order.  The guy asked me if I wanted to re-order and I said no as I wanted to make sure that the original order had been canceled.  For some reason, I am thinking if I dared order again, I will end up with 2 phones.


I've spent countless hours on the phone with AT&T this week for what should have been a fast and fairly simple transaction.  The sales folks have been nice, but I think I may have to just stay with my old iPhone I have for a few months or perhaps just change carriers entirely. 


Hope the rest of you enjoy your new iPhone!  I am jealous!

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