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Had to call warrenty exchange for Atrix


Had to call warrenty exchange for Atrix

My Atrix flaked out on me Sunday evening.  I was using the net and for some reason when I exited out of the browser the sccreen starts flickering and then black. I press the power button and the keys on the bottom of the phone light up but not the screen. Meanwhile the green light is blinking on and off.  I pull out the battery and  SIM card and then replace them. I somehow got the phone on and then was able to do a factory reset. After that was finished I logged in my motoblur info and I was back to the home screen. I made a test call to 611 and when the screen blacked out and went to press the power button and the bottom keys lit up but nothing. 


So my replacement phone has been shippped today. I will get it on the 17th. at&t used to offer free 2 day shipping on repladcements but not anymore.

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Re: Had to call warranty exchange for Atrix

Seems the Atrix 2 has the issue at least with the random black screen issues.  I am on my second handset exchange from the ATT warranty department.  Naturally, Motorola is in denial that the Atrix 2 has any screen issues.



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