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HTC Vivid / Reporting bugs


HTC Vivid / Reporting bugs


I so far enjoy my Vivid but I do have some minor issues I think ATT or HTC should be aware of.  


1. My phone constantly shuts off the attenta or looses signal.  I have to wake the phone up and wait for it to find service again.  This also causes me to miss a lot of my calls as well.

2. When on a call it stops synking my email (Exchange, gmail, etc.)

3. Browsing is slow.  My iphone was faster.

4. My phone constantly fails to load a file to youtube using LTE internet or WiFi.


All in all I think my biggest complain is how often I just have no signal.  When the signal comes back I have full bars.  So for some odd reason the attena is being shut down.

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Re: HTC Vivid / Reporting bugs

I am experiencing the same issues with my phone... thinking about exchanging it

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Re: HTC Vivid / Reporting bugs

return and exchange sounds like a problem with the hardware

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Re: HTC Vivid / Reporting bugs

This forum is primary for customers to convey information to each other.  Reporting bugs here will not get to any AT&T or HTC people that are associated with fixing such bugs.

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Re: HTC Vivid / Reporting bugs

I havent had any issues with mine

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