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HTC Vivid Pricing


HTC Vivid Pricing

Atlanta - $199.95 w/2 yr contract.


New York City - $99.95 w/2 yr contract.


What gives here?  Is ATT trying to make up for their lousy service in NYC?

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Re: HTC Vivid Pricing

Oklahoma City - $99.95 w/2 yr contract.


     When I checked out for a price because they are usually lower than AT&T cooperate, they were selling it for $199.99 w/2 yr contract for my zip code.  Not sure what's going on, but I like it Smiley Happy  Finally OKC get's some AT&T love, even though there is no LTE 4G here :?

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Re: HTC Vivid Pricing

propofokgov wrote:

Oklahoma City - $99.95 w/2 yr contract.


Finally OKC get's some AT&T love, even though there is no LTE 4G here :?

Perhaps that lower price reflects the fact that you don't have LTE.


I was ready to upgrade this week, but not if I have to pay $199.99 here in Atlanta.

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Re: HTC Vivid Pricing

I saw $199 when using a Denver, Colorado zipcode. There isn't LTE there at least not on ATT.
Probably from mobile, maybe. Smiley Happy
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