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HTC Titan-looking for cases/covers


HTC Titan-looking for cases/covers

Anyone yet pick up any accessories for the Titan?  Looking for case/skin/cover/screen protector.

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Re: HTC Titan-looking for cases/covers

I've found nice covers from Amazon and have a screen protector on the way, from China I think.  I purchased a Gel, and it's nice, doesn't add bulk and seems to be doing the trick.  No scratches ... yet.

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Re: HTC Titan-looking for cases/covers

Don't personally have a Titan, but I've been very happy with Bodyguardz screen protectors on my HTC phone, and they do screen protectors and  full body skins for the Titan too.


Not cheap, but I personally can't stand cheap screen protectors.  Cheap ones show smudges and fingerprints easily, and scratch up quickly, so you end up having to replace them in a few months.  But a quality protector will last much longer.  I've had the Bodyguardz on my phone for close to a year now, and its still looking good (few minor scratches).


I've also using a Skinomi protector on my HTC Flyer tablet, since Bodyguardz was not making one yet when I bought my Flyer.  The Skinomi has held up really well, also.

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Re: HTC Titan-looking for cases/covers

I purchased a magnetic-clasp belt holster from Amazon and it's a decent holster. Search Amazon for "HTC Titan case newyorkcellphone" and you'll find it. I also posted a review.


I also purchased a non-glare screen protector that shipped from Germany. Had to go to the post office to sign for it. It fits perfectly and the reduced glare is much appreciated. It sucks up the dust as you're applying it though, so now I have 3 spots with dust under the protector. I only notice it when it's off.


I purchased clear gel case but haven't received it yet. I know I won't be able to use it with the dock accessory, if HTC ever decides to make it available. In the meantime, though, I found a $13 dock on ebay that should be arriving this week. I don't know how it will work, but it'll suffice in the mean time.

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Re: HTC Titan-looking for cases/covers

Hey guys i have just ordered a HTC titan would be getting it by 13th Dec. I wanted to know what are the cases and screen protectors you guys are using as i could not find any good cases on amazon they are all gel cases with bad reviews same is the case with screen guards no reviews for them.


If you guys can suggest some it would be of great help .



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Re: HTC Titan-looking for cases/covers

I have been using leather pouches/cases from PD Air for many years now (for my Tilt & Tilt 2). Now, I have one waiting here at home for my new Titan.....scheduled to arrive around the same time as your Titan arrives. Here's the link to the pouch/case I purchased about ten days ago:  and, here's a short little video that demos the case:



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