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HTC Tilt2 Facebook App Problems


HTC Tilt2 Facebook App Problems

OK so here's the problem.


I have the new Rom installed on my HTC Tilt2 and it works fine.


The issue is the Facebook App. Obviously facebook 1.07 comes installed on the new rom. My problem is that the app will not update status updates or my profile, even if i hit refresh.


I have to physically log off facebook, and log back in in order to get my "wall" to update.


I tried installing the newer version 1.2 from Microsoft Market, but the same problem happens.


Its quite annoying to have to log out and log back in everytime i want to see current info on my wall.


Has anyone else had this problem? Know of a fix? etc...


Any input would be apprecaited.

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Re: HTC Tilt2 Facebook App Problems

I'm having the exact same problem. Please let me know if you find a solution, and I will do the same for you.

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Re: HTC Tilt2 Facebook App Problems

this is a known issue.  htc/att have not released a fix and i wouldn't hold my breath.


a number of custom roms have a facebook and twitter app that functions properly.

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Re: HTC Tilt2 Facebook App Problems

I just downloaded the new app for Htc Tilt 2 (facebook) it works way better and looks better. Go to the Windows market place and look in the NEW APPs, you will see it......

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