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HTC Tilt


HTC Tilt

I have an HTC tilt and the back never stays on. Does anyone know where I can get a replacement.

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Re: HTC Tilt



As usual with eBay, pick a seller with a good rating.


The original Tilt?  That's one heck of an old phone (4 years old)! 



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Re: HTC Tilt

Redpoint- I 'resemble' that remark. Although I primarily use my new 'Glide,'  I will eventually repair my original Tilt. That is a work in progress. I presume that you are still  using your 'Canadian'   Z.

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Re: HTC Tilt

tgj1945 wrote:

I presume that you are still  using your 'Canadian'   Z.

Yup.  Its a year old, so I'm tempted to upgrade.   But I'll probably wait to see what AT&T has to offer the first part of this new year.  In particular HTC, and LTE is a must.  The HTC Elite sounds too huge for me (4.7" inch display), and I don't think much is known beyond that.  Just rumors of the HTC Congressional, but I haven't seen any specs.  I'd love another phone with a QWERTY keyboard, but this seems a dying breed.


I still have an original Tilt myself.  But its a backup to my backup (Tilt 2).


I also raised the question to the OP of whether he had an original Tilt (Tilt "1"), since he may have the Tilt 2 and just dropped the "2", as I've seen many posters do.

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