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HTC Tilt 2 for Motorola Backflip?


HTC Tilt 2 for Motorola Backflip?

Taking comments on if its worth doing an even exchange my HTC Tilt 2 for a Motorola Backflip?

Found a guy locally who wants to do an even exchange. We both still have warranty time left.

 Do I do it, or not?

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Re: HTC Tilt 2 for Motorola Backflip?

backflip has to be honestly the worst android phone ever..especially after att crippled it the way they did. I'd stick to Tilt2 if I was in your shoes - if you want a change, why not try a custom ROM from xda? just make sure you read all info about flashing so you avoid messing up your phone

..i personally reccomend Energy ROMs Smiley Wink

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Re: HTC Tilt 2 for Motorola Backflip?

Yeah, there's a "reason" that guy wants to trade his backflip for your Tilt2... I would think before makeing that trade....

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