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HTC Surround (T8788) Quesitons


HTC Surround (T8788) Quesitons

Some Reason my Touch screen seems to have to stopped working after about 2 months of having it.  Already called at&t wireless support, ran thru the trouble shooting, and there sending an exchange.  My Quesiton is how do i prevent this happening with the future replacement? 


Is there a special cleaning procedure for the touch screen?   i was using a lint free cloth to wipe it down off and on, and listening to youtube off and on, music with the headphones, making phone calls at times, and such...


If you could please reply and let me know what is the best form of keeping the device in tip top shape...



Thank you all


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Re: HTC Surround (T8788) Quesitons

It sounds like you might have just have had a defective screen that was ready to give out, all it needed was a little time.

Unless you were doing something not normal with your screen, the same thing should not happen to any phone you get.

That being said, screen protectors and cases can help protect against the elements. Also, the screen doesn't require you to press hard in order for it to operate, so if you happen to be very heavy-handed or just like hitting your screen, you should take better care of the screen.
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Re: HTC Surround (T8788) Quesitons

I was touching it lightly in the time i had it, i'm not heavy handed at all, plan on buying a case and screen protector when i can afford those tiems, meanwhile i handle it very carefully, put it on a shelf at night, or someplace safe.    


I don't drop my phones ever, i guess shouldn't happen with the replacement if i treat it the same as i did this one i imagine. 



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Re: HTC Surround (T8788) Quesitons

Screen protectors are good for preventing scratches on the glass.  But it won't really make a difference in terms of the touchscreen itself malfunctioning.  What oftens breaks is the digitizer, which is not part of the glass, but a seperate component underneath the glass.


As already mentioned, you probably had a defective unit, that was just ready to go at any time.  No manufacturing process is perfect.  Things just break sometimes, no matter how well you treat them.  That's what warranties are for.

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Re: HTC Surround (T8788) Quesitons

Yes that is very true, and anixiously awaiting the replacement phone, and will have that setup, but since it's getting colder outside these days, will allow it to come to romm temperature i think before i start setting it all up just to be safe.


Should i tell Zune Software to forget the old phone prior to hooking up the replacement?





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Re: HTC Surround (T8788) Quesitons

Yeah Zune knows that your new phone is not the old phone. So if you have already stopped using/syncing your current Surround, you can go ahead and just Forget the phone. When you plug in your new phone, you'll set it up all over again.

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Re: HTC Surround (T8788) Quesitons

do not feel bad. the only way you are going to be 95% sure the digitizer will not malfunction, is to place the phone in a static sensitive bag, without the battery, place that bag in a zip-lock with silica(?) moisture absorbant bags, and leave it stored in a place with low to no emi /radio noise...
i, my wife, and many others have ahd a few of them. the at&t replacement process used to ba that you could swap brands after repeat lemon units of the same phone, but now, it is the opposite. you send in a damaged samsung, and get back a surround. they are faulty phones. there is something about the design of the phone, that exposes the digitizer and it's components to moisture, and allows cross-talk from other systems, which i highly suspect mainly being the pwm of the power management. what absolutely will not make the phone better:
first, removing the screen protector, just wastes your screen protector that you bought. as mentioned, it really helps keeping the screen from getting scratched up, so you can replace the screen protector to have it looking new again. however, that is all it protects, and really does not effect the digitizer operation, nor does it protect anything else. just to keep the scratches down.
second, resetting the phone is also a myth. it basically only has the same effect as the internet browser on your computer. a soft reset would be like resarting it, and a hard reset is like clearing the cookies/passwords/preferences/log-in data. by the time you set it all back up to normal, like you always have it, you are back to square one, nothing fixed/improved.
what does help it act better: keep the battery full. it seems to perform better when the pwm is not under stress, such as what happens when the battery is low, or you are on a call, or using large amounts of data/processing. keep it away from any source of moisture, even keep it out of the bathroom and kitchen. humidity will find it's way to the digitizer connections without fail, even if the phone does not appear to be getting wet/moist at all.
slide the screen out. i believe this spaces the digitizer controll further from other modules, and seems to help a little.
las, but not least. when it starts to randomly press buttons on the bottom of the screen, and/or will not respond to the home/back/bing soft buttons, i will lock the screen and hold the phone upright, and firmly tap it strait down on a counter or something likewise to get it to temporarily respond enough to use it. (you should see me trying to answer a phone call sometimes, lol) generally, i never endorse any abuse to any electronincs in this way, but it has worked for months in my case. i have been milking it as long as i can, but i now know that mine is out of warrenty, and the digitizer can now be cleaned without consequence.
despite it turning out to be a notorious lemon model, i like the yamaha speakers, and it is a pretty decent phone when it is not malfunctioning. on top of that, i can see that the phone does actually take over 2x the abuse of any i-phone. i just wish they would have been honest enough to actually adress the digitizer issues, and/or at least offer a back-up/clone option for the poor individuals that have basically lost everything and had to start over on as many as 5 phones in under a year. not to mention, much of the zune content can only be used on a few(some up to 7) devises, before you must purchase again (not covered at all)
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