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HTC Status USB Connector Going Bad?


HTC Status USB Connector Going Bad?

Yesterday I noticed the beginnings of a problem with my USB connection. I cannot establish a reliable connection for charging or data. Sometimes it works, sometimes not. Sometimes wiggling the cable is necessary to connect, then I hold my breath hoping to keep the connection. There are also some cables I know to be good (including chargers) which completely refuse to connect.

Is this common problem or did I just get lucky? Anything I can do about it? I suspect I'm screwed here, since I bought the phone second hand with no apparent warranty.

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Re: HTC Status USB Connector Going Bad?

Its the way the phone is.....I have 1 of them with the same exact issue. Most horrid phone that ATT ever sold...we paid $50 for the phone on contract....they refused to fix (no physicall damage, others having same issue) after owning for 2 weeks. We paid $350 to cancel everything that we had wih ATT. so.....good luck, sorry.

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Re: HTC Status USB Connector Going Bad?

Happened to my HTC Evo on sprint, they claimed it was damaged and I had to use insurance. There was no damage.
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