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HTC OneX- Skype problem


HTC OneX- Skype problem

Good morning guys

I got this phone yesterday and it is the first time to use android base phone.

Most of apps are working fine except Skype.

When I tried to do video call or voice call through skype, there are lots of noise and video has a lot of noise, even if I used either wifi or 4G network.

I am not sure it is just my problem or skype doesn't support this device yet.

If you have this phone, could you try this app?

Thanks and having some fun with the phone Smiley Very Happy

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Re: HTC OneX- Skype problem

Right after I installed Skype, it says that the HTC One X isn't yet certified to work. And other stuff about you may experience with quality problems ans such. Hopefully they get an update out for it, but since it's already certified for the Lumia, idk why they havn't certified the One X.

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Re: HTC OneX- Skype problem

I am having similar issues with Skype. I bought my HTC One X two weeks ago and so far the experience with Skype has been horrible: scratchy voice quality, sometimes it doesn't see my contacts, sometimes I cannot sign in and now the call fails as soon as either of the parties on the call picks up. I see many complaints for similar problems in various web sites but no solutions. Does anybody know anything about this problem?



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