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HTC One X battery

HTC One X battery

Hello everyone!  Ive had my One X for a few days now, but Im having a real issue with the battery life for some reason.  The battery actually seems to last as long or longer when Im using the phone and playing games than if the phone is just sitting there sleeping.  For example, if my battery is charged 100%, it will actually not last 8 hours overnight.  I use my phone as an alarm and didnt have it plugged in the other day and it went off after around 7 hours.... no alarm that day!  Anyway, if anyone has any ideas or can give me any advice, I would appreciate it.  It just shouldnt be using that kind of power when Im not using the phone.



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Re: HTC One X battery

Hi there!

A few things you can slap to conserve battery are:

1) Close all open apps. When you press the back button, the opened app will continue to run in the background . Using the the task manager should close these. Smiley Wink

2) Lower brightness . Lowering your screen brightness will also save you some battery when the phone is in use. Smiley Wink

3) Disable Auto sync. Disabling this feature will make your apps sync less often and will save battery in the process.

Hope these tips help! Smiley Happy

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Re: HTC One X battery

Thanks for the suggestions.  Ive already done everything I can to help.  I'm pretty sure that its firmware related though.  Maybe ATT and/or HTC can check into it.  The phone uses more battery just sitting idle with no apps running than it does when Im using it.  Very odd...

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