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I saw this beautiful tablet at AT&T, but there's one small thing that I am wondering - is the tablet SIM LOCK in such a way that it can only be use it when connected to AT&T network here in the United States ( to be used with their LTE and/or HSPA network ), or I can also use it internationally and inserted foreign carrier's SIM so that the tablet will also be able to used under the WCDMA ( 3G ) - ( 850/1900/2100 MHz ) and/or standard GSM ( 2G ) - ( 850/900/1800/1900 MHz ) network?


Will AT&T help SIM UNLOCK this HTC JetStream? I am very happy to use their network here in the US, but I also want to enjoy using it while travelling internationally......


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Re: HTC JetStream - SIM UNLOCK

AT&T policy is they will typically not give out the SIM unlock code for 10 months after the release of an "exclusive" device (which most phones and tablets are "exclusive" these days).  After that period, you should be able to get the code from AT&T, as long as you have been a customer for 90 days.  At least, this is the policy with phones, I can only imagine that they would employ the same policy for tablets.


Unlock codes can also be obtained from 3rd party sources, such as eBay for around $10 or less.  People on these forums and other places have had good luck with these, just choose a vendor with a good rating.


I short, I can't personally tell you whether the Jetstream is SIM locked, but I would assume it is.  And I wouldn't let that stop me from buying it, as unlocking it is probably fairly easy.

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Re: HTC JetStream - SIM UNLOCK

if the phones are too new the code will be not found if you try getting the code from at&t .You can get it from htc factory unlock codes i got mine at  [3rd party link removed per guidelines] all at&t codes can get here as many other company and phones.

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