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HTC Inspire - screen autorotate


HTC Inspire - screen autorotate

I am having trouble with the screen autorotation - the settings show it is activated, but it won't rotate to type messages, emails etc.

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Re: HTC Inspire - screen autorotate

 This is a WELL KNOWN issue with some Inspires.


 Take it back to the store.

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Re: HTC Inspire - screen autorotate

My auto rotation works fine but, and I'm sure I'm just being demanding here, I wish is was a tad bit more responsive. 


Ok I am DEFINITELY being demanding.  It is maybe taking a full second to rotate upon going from portrait to landscape. 


Hey can we get that down to 0.5 seconds Smiley Tongue

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Re: HTC Inspire - screen autorotate

Mine has done that a couple of times too. Hold the power/lock screen button on top til it presents power options menu. Select restart or power off either one will work. It'll be fine then. It did it once a day about 3 days in a row and hasn't done it for several days now,

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Re: HTC Inspire - screen autorotate

Mine does it all the time. I found that if i lock the screen and take either my finger or one of those glasses cleaner rags and wipe the screen with some pressure it goes back to normal. The screen is super sensitive. Dont ever get something on the screen. It will seem like the phone is posessed.
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