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HTC Inspire not syncing overnight


HTC Inspire not syncing overnight

I've had my HTC Inspire 4G for a couple months now.  Lately, I've noticed that it will not sync in the mornings.  I keep it turned on (although it's in 'sleep' mode) and plugged into the charger overnight.  In the mornings, I find that at some point overnight it has stopped syncing.  For example, my Facebook, Twitter and Weather is not updated, and when I tap on 'Refresh' I get a connection error message. Even when I go into Menu>Settings>Accounts & Sync and tap 'Sync all' to manually sync the phone, it still doesn't sync. I am using my own WiFi and am connected with a strong signal (I don't feel that it's a WiFi problem because my iPod Touch and my secondary computer are both connected via WiFi and both have no connection problems).  I actually have to completely power off the phone, wait a few minutes, turn it back on, and then it will sync automatically on its own. 


Any ideas on what the problem can be?  Thanks in advance.

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Re: HTC Inspire not syncing overnight

Is the wifi set to sleep per its sleep policy? Go to settings > wireless & networks > wifi settings > menu button > Advanced > wifi sleep policy.

I have mine set to never sleep while plugged in.
Probably from mobile, maybe. Smiley Happy
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Re: HTC Inspire not syncing overnight

Hi Ann, thanks for the tip.  Unfortunately that doesn't seem to be the problem. It's really weird.  I have a full WiFi signal, and the phone even has the little 'Sync' icon on the top to show that it is Syncing.  But nothing happens; I still get a 'connection error' or 'failed to retrieve data' when trying to access some sites.

It's just extremely annoying when I grab my phone and go in the morning and then when I use it I get those errors and no sync and then I have to shut the darn thing down for a few minutes and turn it back on to get it to work properly.

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