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HTC Inspire music player malfunction


HTC Inspire music player malfunction

This is my second Inspire in two months.  The first one had a defective camera.  My new replacement one was working fine until I received a system update several days ago.  Now the music player has scrambled all the stored music and artist names and album artwork.  It plays a song now, (example) Light my Fire from the Doors but shows the album cover art of Twisted Sister now and lists the album name as Back in Black from AC/DC.  I'm not saying the update is the culprit but all was well before hand.  With everything stored on the SD card, how can the info on it get so mixed up?

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Re: HTC Inspire music player malfunction

Had the same problem.Take out the battery and reboot and everything will be back to normal.

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Re: HTC Inspire music player malfunction

Thanks for the suggestion but unfortunately for me, I didn't fix the issue.  I'm starting to think this phone should come with soft reset and hard reset buttons built in. 

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