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HTC Inspire has no service after activation?


HTC Inspire has no service after activation?

I just got my  htc inspire in the mail yesterday and it worked fine but I was unable to get the wifi to work. I called 611 for help and it said I needed to activate it, so I did and followed all the instructions. When I turned my phone back on I had no services, and it had a sign pop up that talked something about the sim? the sim card is the same as I used in my other phone, they sent me a new sim card but i didn't think I needed it. Should I pop the new sim card in? Or should I just go to the ATT store?

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Re: HTC Inspire has no service after activation?

att store and make sure it works before you leave the store don't trust any att cs over the phone

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Re: HTC Inspire has no service after activation?

The activation they were speaking of, was to activate the new SIM.  So the new SIM is now associated with your account, and the old SIM is associated with nothing.  So just slide the new SIM into the phone, and you should get service. It probably was not clear to them that you were re-using an old SIM (which is typically fine to do).


WiFi is not associated with the SIM, so it may be an issue with the settings on the phone, or you can try to just reboot the router(unplug, wait a minute, then plug back in).  You haven't been specific about your WiFi issue, so give details and people on here may be able to help.

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Re: HTC Inspire has no service after activation?

When you try to activate WiFi on the Inspire, you need to enter your WAP(security code) associated with your router. Once entered, you're ready to fly....


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