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HTC Inspire emails disappearinga

HTC Inspire emails disappearinga

All of a sudden, I've noticed that once I open an email, I briefly see the text, but then everything just disappears. All I get is a white screen. I can't go back and get those emails then either. They stay in my inbox, but when I go to open them all I see is a white screen. I have to go on my home computer to read them. Very frustrating!! I feel like I cent use my phone to its ability.
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Re: HTC Inspire emails disappearinga

I had this exact problem happen today for the first time.  I have been using the email app that comes with the phone to access a yahoo/swbell acct.  It is very hit or miss as to whether it works.  It is constantly giving me a security alert that the ATT mail server is not a trusted site, and even if I tell it to continue, it won't get my mail.  About once in every 10 tries it will actually get the mail from the server without stalling at that warning.  Now, the data connection has been going downhill and has reached the point where it just won't load any websites at all.  I have only used about 1/4 of my data allowance, so it shouldn't be a throttling issue.  I am thinking the last software update is wreaking havoc in the phone somehow.  Is there any way to revert back to the older version until they get it straightened out?

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